#5 Period Piece

Lisa De Bode got curious about how homeless women deal with menstruation, so she wrote a story on it. Then, things started to change.

Plus, Jake learns a valuable lesson.

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#4 Freundschaft

In rural Missouri, the Amish and Mennonites are on the forefront of a big idea, one that could save a small hospital—and bring healthcare closer to home for thousands of people.

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#3 The Open Door

When Brandy Gibson was pregnant the first time, she noticed that opening her freezer gave her an odd, pleasant feeling. But when she got pregnant again, that feeling morphed into something much worse.

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#2 Getting Right   

In February, the Indiana State Department of Health announced an HIV outbreak in rural Scott County. Thirty people had tested positive just since December, and most of the cases were linked to injection drug abuse of a potent prescription opioid called Opana.

Since then, the number of cases has grown to more than 170. Kevin Polly was one of those infected.

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#1 A Bullet, A President and an ER

Many historians have debated how our country might be different today if Lincoln had lived to see the country through the critical Reconstruction period that followed the Civil War. Sick asks a different question:  If he’d been given modern medical treatment, could Lincoln’s life have been saved?  

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